Creatively filling a gap in the fitness industry

A quick and efficient solution for cycling training instruction

Branding Examples

The gap

I’m a cycling instructor, I teach indoor cycling classes at the YMCA and over the last 7 years I’ve noticed a huge gap, or ‘opportunity’ for class creation. On average, to prepare for my weekly classes I spend 3-5 hours a week searching for music and building a well thought out profile.  I belong to several Indoor Cycling Social groups where I've noticed a constant conversational theme that repeats over and over is, " anyone have music suggestions?" or "anyone have a profile to share?" and a lot of people just wing it for lack of time or a better option.  So, an APP designed to quickly and intelligently build a class profile, with a big range of music based on a small set of criteria that can be further customized and shared fills this big gap.

My role

Concept designer, interaction designer, prototyper

Next steps

There are two key sets of content for this app; the music, and the timed profile. There are 20k certified indoor cycling instructors in the US, music streaming apps could build this as an ‘add on’ feature. Subscribers could pay an additional fee to access to this add'on feature. Steaming services like Spotify and iTunes could greatly benefit.

Physical to digital mobile integration

Making ATM transactions faster and more secure

Bank of America Mobile

My role

Lead design architect, Interaction designer, Visual Designer

The problem

The voice of the customer is loud and clear when it comes to what they expect from their ATM experience; Fast and secure. During peak ATM transaction times, long lines can form and customers feel a sense of uneasiness while waiting to transact. To help solve these problems we built a Mobile Banking feature providing the customer with an abiliy to setup their ATM withdrawal, and quickly pick up their cash by simply waving their phone near the cardless reader, entering their PIN and done, the transaction is complete. This reduces the customers time at the ATM making it faster and more secure.

The result

Customers love they can setup a withdrawal using their mobile banking app. On average an E2E setup and pickup is less than 45 seconds. This physical to digital integration has revolutionized how customers process ATM transactions.