Other Experiences

I designed these experiences between 2002 and 2003, and though visually a bit dated, some of these experiences are still online today. The reason? by following a User Centered Design process, even in the early 2000s. These experiences are proof that if you follow design methodologies, have solid design principals, take the time to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, test the information architecture schemas, and really define the content strategy, a solid design will have a longevity, simply because it works.

Experience Description

My role

Senior designer, project manager and client manager. While at Webserve, CTC Communications and New Way Media, the Experience Design Team I managed designed and delivered web and internet sites for company's such as; Canteen Vending - The Compass Group, Huberwood, CommScope, Cami Berher LPGA Golfing School, Piedmont Natural Gas, Harris Teeter Grocery Store, and many more in the local area.