Vive Le Vin

An explosion of color and texture with a fun playful silhouette

Vine le Vin Process


I had been saving wine foils with an idea that some day they would be useful in a wearable art piece or other mixed media design and when I began to cut them into shapes and layer them together the shiney foil and color inspired me to make a look out of primarily foils. I needed a stiff material to attach the foils to and had some chicken wire / mesh fencing and some duct tape. I had to experiement with several types of adhesives and application methods making this a real challenge to assemble. These materials and who they bonded together created this look, I didn't sketch a concept as I wanted the materials to form the look and feel.

Vine le Vin Final Stage

The result

This is one of my favorite pieces, its so fun and the color is amazing under the lights of the runway. The accessories were also designed and created by me. The necklace is made from corks still stained from the red wine, the earrings and ring are also made from corks and salvaged clock parts. The headpiece was designed to look like poppies, this show was held over memorial day weekend and the poppie is a symbol of rememberance for out fallen military men and women.

Vine le Vin Accessoies

The show

This look was modeled by Nichole Selph at the 2017 EcoFab Trash Couture show at the Tapp's Art Center in Columbia South Carolina. The piece was also on exhib at the Anderson Art Center / Gallery and modeled at the annual Anderson Art Center Gala.