A modernized ATM customer experience

We designed a simple, engaging human experience that is fast and secure

Bank of America ATM Image

The new ATM experience is faster, easier and more personalized.

User experience improvements achieved by:

    • Optimizing transactional flows (i.e. 34% screen reduction)
    • Introducing modal layers, so every step doesn't have to be a completely sequential process
    • Streamlining on-screen text, reducing customer latency created when there’s a lot of information to digest (e.g. screens provide conversational, plain-spoken questions, rather than 'bank speak‘)
    • Offering a more flexible experience, which is easier to use (e.g. Show Balance feature, Go Back option, ability to make corrections and change selections without starting over)

My role

I was the lead design architect and interaction designer for what was a very ambitious project to redesign the entire ATM platform from the ground up. I lead a XD team of designers, researchers, testers, and developers and collaborated daily with a large group of product owners, system architects, developers on and off shore. Over the course of 2 years we designed the ATM experience executing design sprints, and in parallel development sprints. Our design sprints were half a year ahead of the coding sprints which allowed the UX time to research, create user journeys, sketch, conceptualize, design, conduct qualitative and quantitative research and refine the experience. Additionally we developed production ready code used for the prototype and delivered to the development team to leverage which significantly reduced coding time and UI/UX defects streamline the development and testing processes.

The result

In early 2019 we started to deploy this experience in small markets to test the stability and performance of the new platform. This ensures the system is operating efficiently before deploying the full experience to 20,000 ATMs nationally. So far the customer satisfaction on the new piloted experience has increased from 77% to 95%. A rating the ATM channel has never achieved at Bank of America.