Hi, thanks for checking out my portfolio!

I'm seeking a role where I can flex my XD skills in a digital customer facing and/or service design role. I'm happiest when leading and collaborating with a team of designers and partners exploring ideas and conceptualizing as I believe the journey to get to the final design is the best part of what I do.

I'm an insatiable learner and ever-curious researching ethnographic, business, competitive and technical influencers that leads to the best design. I'm a joyous collaborator, connecting with my fellow designers and building partnerships across an organization. I'm a radical innovator, unbound by "the rules" with a firm foundation and deep knowlege of past and current norms and conventions. I'm looking to design game-changer experiences creatively solving problems in new ways. And lastly, I'm a get it done executer collaborating with a broad range of partners, negotiating the perfect balance of design, cost and speed.

The work represented here is a small view of current and past projects. The majority of my work is strategic future state design, proprietary and/or not in a customer facing 'public' environment. I'm happy to speak to these exciting projects, my role and what I achieved.

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