Take the Plunge

An elegant, daring, ethereal gown that glides down the runway

Take the Plunge Progress work

My process

I sketch, alot. I always carry a sketch pad and whenever I'm inspired I put whatever image, or thought thats in my mind down on paper. Sometime its a digital experience idea and sometimes it's an idea for my next trashion piece. I collect recycled materials of all kinds, and the materials themselves drive creativity and inspiration. This piece began by finding the parachute then by deconstrucing the parachute and exploring how I could use the pieces, I then sketched a design.

The Process

The result

Creating this gown was a real challenge. The nylon material of the parachute is very hard to work with, I learned by sewing pieces over and over again. The type of stitching, the thread to use, and the way to cut the fabric so it doesn't fray, etc. was indeed a learning experience. Thankfully I had a ton of material to work with. The finalize piece is stunning and I'm so proud how this gown showed at the Trash to Trends Runway show at Seaworld in Orlando, Florida.

The result

The accessories

You can't have a beautiful gown without amazing accessories. I designed and created these pieces using salvaged clock and watch parts with some Swarovski crystals to add some much needed shimmer.

Take the Plunge Accessories

The show

This look was modeled by Nichole Selph at the 2017 Trash to Trends Runway Fashion show at Seaworld in Orlando Florida.